Programmable NSB System

Our programmable Night Set Back system offer a more basic control solution.

  • 230V digital and programmable thermostat
  • 4 time and temperature daily settings with a 5/2 day programmes
  • Dual floor and air temperature sensing with minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Current temperature display
  • In-built frost/fabric protection
  • Child safe-lock button feature



Tamperproof NSB System

For more basic control solutions, we have two building regulation compliant Our tamperproof Night Set Back system offers a more basic solutions.

  • 24V thermostat with built-in
  • NSB via external time clock
  • Dual sensing capability with minimum or maximum temperatures
  • Programmer protected by tamperproof façade
  • Choice of 3 operating modes – NSB, comfort or timer


Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to close and accurate controls, the response is rapid and accurate. At Warmafloor we have long invested in quick and comprehensive controls. Our total integrated control strategy is intuitive and uses Proportional-Integral-Derivative logic (PID) to optimise energy distribution and ensure a consistent temperature. It ensures a rapid response time and is accurate to within 0.5˚C as opposed to the 4˚C band of thermostats to ensure lowest running costs.