Structural Concrete Floor

Structural Concrete Floor

Warmafloor systems can be incorporated within load bearing structural floors, in a variety of applications, from factories and warehouses to sports complexes.

There are generally two types of floor construction, those of a simple concrete slab construction and those which incorporate a reinforcing wire mesh grid at mid level in the floor. The floor construction generally comprises a compacted and level hardcore bed, which is sand blinded flat. Onto this, suitable insulation panels of the required density and thickness are laid and covered with vapour barrier, with edge insulation to the perimeter of the building.

Wire mesh is then installed either on the floor insulation – in the case of simple concrete slab floors – or in the case of structural floors, at the required level in the slab.

The Warmafloor PB pipework is secured to the mesh with pipe ties in the required configuration and spacing.

The Warmafloor PB pipework is circuited to the Warmafloor manifolds, filled with water and tested. Concrete is then laid to the required depth and strength, dependent upon the design criteria of the slab.

Floor finishes both with screeded concrete and structural floors can include tile, wood, paving slabs, marble etc.

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