As part of our quest to provide only the best, we insist on polybutylene pipe in our systems because of its unrivalled balance of properties in installation, in use and in sustainability.

Manufactured to all known European quality and performance standards*, Warmafloor polybutylene is designed to last for the life of the building and carries an industry leading 100-year guarantee. *( Including BS EN 9001 and BS EN ISO 2100 BSI Kitemarked)

Installing the best
More flexible than other pipe material, it offers excellent creep resistance, is non-corrosive, resists frost damage and is unaffected by hard, soft or aggressive water conditions.

An integral oxygen barrier is fully protected within an advanced, five-layer construction, ensuring that oxygen cannot permeate and removes any potential risk of corrosion.

Available in coils of up to 200m, polybutylene speeds installation, enables versatility in, and the optimisation of, coil layout and ensures, in line with industry best practice, that there are no underfloor joints. And its performance credentials are matched by its environmental qualities. Polybutylene has markedly less embodied energy than many competing materials and, if required, can be recycled and converted back into granular form for reuse.

Proven in applications worldwide, and in prestigious projects from Canary Wharf to the Welsh Assembly, we believe polybutylene is simply superior.

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