Floating Floor Systems

Floating Floor Systems

The Warmafloor Floating Floor system is for use when underfloor heating is to be installed on concrete floors where a dry finish to the floor is required, not a screed topping.

The Floating Floor system is predominantly for use in new building where the floors are level to at least SR2.

This system relies on the floor being flat and level and involves pre-grooved extruded polystyrene floor insulation panels, fitted with pre-grooved metal diffusion plates into which the underfloor pipework is fitted.
The installation involves laying the Floating Floor panels to cover the complete floor area.
Warmafloor PB pipe is then clipped into the diffusion plates, circuited to design requirements and run back to the manifold. Flooring is laid then on the system.

Dry screed floor boards are then laid before the final floor covering is laid.

This system offers complete access to the installation for any component repair or replacement, by lifting the flooring.

Panels available in:
25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm thick

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