Warmafloor unlocks the key to intelligent control with upgraded system

Discover INTELIQ Smart Building Control System

Warmafloor, the UK’s leading provider of underfloor heating and cooling systems for commercial, public and residential buildings, has upgraded its smart control system and rebranded this as INTELIQ™. The enhanced system offers building users an optimum balance of control and functionality in managing the temperature of their surroundings.

A user friendly touchscreen device

INTELIQ™ allows users to control installed heating and cooling systems and is ideal for application in residential buildings, schools and warehouses. INTELIQ™ is equipped with Warmafloor’s signature integrated control technology and allows control of up to 32 different zones from a single intelligent, password protected device.

Current system upgrades include a new layout, two different touchscreen sizes (4.3 inches and 7 inches) and a range of newly designed thermostats and bead sensors.
In addition, the adjustment of temperatures in each zone includes a range of advanced features with four different time and temperature settings for each day of the week, as well as built-in night set-back and holiday mode controls for maximum efficiency.

The only intelligent control system of its kind in the market

A key advantage of INTELIQ™ is its ability to integrate with other systems installed in a building. Once installed as part of an underfloor heating or cooling system, INTELIQ™ can interface with multiple energy sources, such as boilers, heat pumps and solar panels, in order to optimise the energy circulating within the building and minimising running costs.

Jon Moran, Business Development Manager at Warmafloor, said:

“At Warmafloor, we consistently aim to ensure our controls systems remain at the cutting edge of industry innovation. With INTELIQ™, we are taking our smart control system a step further. The system is designed to help create a comfortable environment for those in the building and give end users ease of mind, as well as control over their surroundings.”

“We’re looking forward to showcasing INTELIQ™ to the industry and demonstrating how intelligent control can positively impact a building’s services infrastructure and users in the long run.”