District Heating at Hutton Care Home

Hutton Care Home in Brentwood has an assisted living facility of 55 retirement living apartments alongside.

Fact File

  • Year: 2020
  • Size: 55 Apartments
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Type: New build
  • Floor Type: Solid Floor Screed

The Project

Hutton Care Home in Brentwood has an assisted living facility of 55 retirement living apartments alongside. It was designed to meet a local need for a high quality care home complete with beautiful grounds, modern bedrooms and a huge range of different in-house and modern facilities for living. The innovative project’s aim is to be one of the most advanced care homes in Brentwood, Essex with the rooms created with a great deal of care and attention to detail. It includes 5 unique roof terraces, A log cabin which can be utilised in activities and outdoor events, fully landscaped gardens that residents will be free to roam and 77 newly planted trees framing their new home. The assisted living facility alongside consists of 55 apartments, with the sole purpose of providing individuals with safety, security, and a sense of freedom. The project required an underfloor heating installation that met the highest industry standards and provided residents of this facility with the safest, most comfortable and convenient option in their homes with simple and easy to use controls.

The Solution

Warmafloor’s design, supply and install service was used to deliver a complete UFH system for the 55 apartments in the assisted living facility from concept to commission with a district heating solution that utilised parent company, Wavin’s Calefa heat interface units and Sentio smart controls. The Calefa Heat Interface Units ensures optimum performance of the system proven by its industry leading Building Engineering Services (BESA) annual volume weighted average return temperatures (vwart).

The benefits

Overall the system installed is environmentally advanced and in keeping with the customers forward thinking approach and its resident’s requirements. The district heating solution with Calefa heat interface units provides a gas free installation for each of the individual retirement living apartments, giving greater safety for each of the residents. The Unique bypass control of Calefa makes it the most efficient unit on the market which is particularly beneficial in a constantly operating system such as this. The fault finding diagnostics delivered through the electronic control unit allow remote investigation to minimise disruption to residents for maintenance. The Sentio control unit provides a simple control system for residents combined with climatic comfort and energy efficiency with options for a central control unit. A simple up and down control offered the simplest possible option for residents but the smart app based control system gives additional flexibility and functionality.